A Boutique Branding
Design Agency

We specialize in designing logos, corporate identities & brand guidelines – with a specific expertise on projects that require a contemporary Arabic touch.

About Agency

We work closely with you to understand your project, its environment and establish the right visual strategy that will support your project beyond good looks.

Every project in our portfolio has been executed by the same team, an international group of experts in Branding, Design, Typography and Calligraphy.

This allows our client to expect a consistent level of quality that made them choose us in the first place.

The Process & Services


Its where it all starts. We submit a small questionnaire that enables us to gather information and understand your company's history, business vision and objectives, your market environment, competitors and target audience.


This stage will enable us to agree on possible visual strategies, they must stay in line with the business objectives. We develop mood boards to visualize what each visual strategy represents so that we can all agree on a look and feel. We also need to agree on the exact logo naming convention, brand architecture, and how the Arabic is integrated.

Logo Design

Several logo design options are developed according to the strategy. We try to cover different angles, from staying close to the roots, to developing new approaches. Whether typographic or complex, our logos are hand crafted by an expert logo designer, calligrapher and typographer.

Brand Identity Proposal

This is the most crucial part of the process, as we go beyond the logo to develop a visual language. Several options (around 3) are developed with the selected logos. We choose together the key items (like stationery, vehicle, gift items) that will enable you to visualize the end result of the brand identity as close as possible to the actual production.


This phase usually includes adjusting the selected brand identity proposal if required, as well as researching further color combinations.

Brand Guide

This guide will include necessary information for anyone handling the brand in the future (in house designer, printer, etc..) to ensure consistency beyond our own agency contribution. It includes everything from logo, safety margins, colors, do's and don'ts as expected from a brand guide.

Brand Implementation

This part depends greatly on your type of business but following is a typical package to get started to which any item can be added for design and finalized for pre-production with the supplier of your choice.